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Vision of the City

Pilsen – A Modern European City

The city of Pilsen, conscious of the transitional nature of the current period, its historical importance, and the prerequisites for future development, has introduced a strategic vision outlining the direction the city's development will take.

First Development Pillar

Pilsen wants to be an economically strong, modern city competing on the European level. It will focus on innovation and the locating of modern industries with high added value.

The development of education and the improvement of educational levels are understood as a key factor in competitiveness and high employment and a necessary precondition for the successful development of the local economy. The city intends to provide the framework for offering appropriate education.

The transfer of expertise from universities and research facilities to businesses will be promoted through direct and indirect means such as technology parks, IT centres, innovation centres, conferences and symposiums. The city will extend the range of attractive housing with the aim of keeping graduates in the city and attracting educated and skilled people, and will improve the its image.

Second Development Pillar

Pilsen will develop its status as a cultural and social centre, not only on the regional level but also in the wider arena.

Leisure facilities and services will be expanded for the benefit of both inhabitants and visitors. Tourism development will focus on promoting significant cultural and sporting events and conferences.

Pilsen will give people back the city centre. The historical square will become an attractive place for people to spend their leisure time, which will also serve to make the square a more attractive place for doing business. Pilsen will seek business partners, visitors and customers from across Europe and will provide them with co-operation as well as a place to do business or take a holiday.

Third Development Pillar

Pilsen will systematically develop its internal environment so as to become a pleasant place to live in. Quality of life is understood as a basic condition for achieving the status of a city of European significance and an attractive economic, social and cultural centre.

The city will continue with the regeneration of the built-up areas and will establish interconnections between individual urban areas, the surrounding countryside, and neighbouring municipalities.

The city and its close environs will be perceived as work of art, with an emphasis on achieving a balance between its constituent parts, linking the city centre with its surroundings, interconnecting urban areas, the choice of colours and their effect on inhabitants, the cleanness and attractiveness of public places, the use of environmentally friendly technologies, and adherence to principles of sustainable development when planning future construction work and managing of the city's development.

Practical Basis for Development

Pilsen intends to give attention to all other aspects of life involved in creating a properly functioning city where contented people live and contented visitors wish to return.

Pilsen will deal with the main problems outlined as a matter of priority. It will create the conditions for an increase in population; reduce car traffic; introduce a new system for promoting the city; create the conditions for new activities for safeguarding employment; elaborate and implement an effective system of capital-construction co-ordination and create strategic property portfolios for ensuring its development; optimize asset management; and draw up a scheme for anticipating the effects of crisis situations.

Pilsen Development Programme

More information about the Pilsen Development Programme at Urban Planning and Development Institute of the City of Pilsen.

Profile City of Pilsen

As the city of opportunities represents itself the City of Pilsen in its new profile. Promotional material meant for visitors mainly responds to facts in the form of statistical data, captures success and the up-to-date City of Pilsen course, indicates important steps enabling the City to move forward in the future, and it reminds of the traditions the City successful development relies on.