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Science and Technology Park Pilsen

The Science and Technology Park is a key development project iniciated and realized by the city of Pilsen. It is located in one of the most successful industrial zones in the Czech Republic, in the industrial park Pilsen-Borská pole near West Bohemia University. More than ten thousand sq. meters of office, pilot plant and laboratory facilities provide a modern infrastructure for the support of research, development and innovation.

The Science and Technology Park Pilsen benefits from the advantageous geographical location with easy highway access to Prague and Germany (Nuremburg). The proximity of West Bohemia University in Pilsen offers an opportunity for cooperation, not only in a research capacity, but also due to the qualified workforce in the area.

Support for entrepreneurial innovation has a long history in Pilsen. In 1992, the organization BIC Pilsen – Entrepreneurial and Innovation Center was founded by the city of Pilsen. The services of this organization are primarily focused on small and medium-sized innovation companies and includes, e.g., support for the establishment of companies focused on technology, assistance in the development of  already existing companies, help with seeking and obtaining financial sources for development projects, involvement of companies in national and European programs, support of innovation in companies and in finding suitable partners for development, production and trade cooperation, information and advisory services for doing business in the EU.  Since 1996, incubator space and the technology center Pilsen BIC have been available to clients.

When providing services BIC Pilsen takes advantage of its connections to foreign partners through membership in the most important networks for the support of enterprise and innovation. One of these networks is the Enterprise Europe Network, in which framework BIC Pilsen cooperates with more than 600 partner organizations mainly in Europe, but also in non-European countries. BIC Pilsen is also a member of the Society for Science and Technology Parks of the Czech Republic.

The Science and Technology Park Pilsen (VTP), which only shareholder is the city of Pilsen, was founded in 2005. With European funds VTP built and opened an additional 4,500 sq. meters of new space in 2008. Thus the Pilsen infrastructure for research, development and innovation was greatly expanded and improved. Cooperation with the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, which uses the VTP premises for the activities of one of its centers, was also strengthened. This is the New Technologies - Research Center in West Bohemia, which is engaged in applied research with a strong focus on problem-oriented research of technological processes, technical and non-technical dynamic systems and materials. 

The next stage of development of the innovation infrastructure was the opening of seven new buildings with a total area of over 6000 sq. meters, built by the city of Pilsen as part of the project The Science and Technical Park II with support from the Enterprise and Innovation Operational Program called Prosperity. These new offices, laboratory and pilot plant facilities have been available to innovative companies since April 2012.

All science and technology park complex operations and specialized services are provided by The VTP Service organization, which was established by BIC Pilsen and The Science and Technology Park Pilsen.

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