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Public Transport of Pilsen

Pilsen City Transport Company ensures the majority of public transport in the Pilsen area. The system consists of three means of transport: trams, trolleybuses and buses. Three tram lines form the backbone of city transportation; they connect the biggest suburbs with the city centre, the Railway Station and the Central Bus Station. A similar function is performed by trolleybuses that serve, except for the Northern suburb, the rest of the big suburbs. The bus lines supplement the tram and trolleybus net and operate transport to smaller urban neighbourhoods. The carriages of each service are distinguished by colours and the three colours – yellow for trams, green for trolleybuses and red for buses, together with white form a four-leaf clover of city colours. The Public Transport in Pilsen belongs to the most ecological city transportation systems in Europe – two-thirds of transport consists of trams and trolleybuses that do not pollute the city environment with pollutants. Moreover, due to the visibility of the rail and trolley net, everybody can recognize where the main line tracks lead and this will easily guide him/her to the nearest stop. (source: pmdp.cz)

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Timetables (train, buses)

IDOS timetables websites is one of the outputs of the National information system of timetables (CIS JŘ), operated under auhority of Ministry of Transport of the Czech Republic by the company CHAPS Ltd. Information about timetables is provided to CIS JŘ by state authorities, other data is sent to CHAPS from transport operators and other co-operating organisations (for further information about data in IDOS timetables see Warranty of data). The technical background of IDOS is also provided by CHAPS Ltd., IDOS operation on the Internet and the sale of advertising are provided by MAFRA, Corp. (source: IDOS.cz)

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