Councillor Helen Matoušová

Date of birth: 4/6/1960

Family: divorced, son Miroslav (1984), daughter of Helen (1986)

Education: Secondary Transportation School  Pilsen

Occupation: Member of the Town Council in the area of asset management

Political party membership: ODS from 2004

Work for the city: Chairman of the Board of the Sylvan Residential Area

Councillor Helen Matoušová

The division of responsibility for activities of the City of Pilsen into specific duties:

Council member responsible for  asset management

1. The departmental scope of theTown Council member for the area of property management includes the following areas:

a) asset management and protection of city property.

2. Oversee the activities of the institutions, organizations and companies partly owned by the city. These are:

a) the acquisition of assets of the Department  of sale of assets and property records department of the City of Pilsen.

3. Supervise the activities of these committees Town Council and coordinates it with the activities of other city agencies:

a) for the disposal of city assets.