Councillor Irena Rottová

Date of birth: 6/25/1963

Family: son

Education: High School (currently studying at the Metropolitan University Prague - Legal Specialization in the field of Public Administration)

Occupation: Member of the Town Council for sports, education, youth and the environment,  the second Deputy Mayor of Pilsen District 2

Political party membership: ODS

Work for the city: Member of Board of Safety for the Pilsen City Council

Councillor Irena Rottová

The division of responsibilities for the activities of the City of Pilsen into specific duties:

Member of the Town Council for Education, Youth, Sports and Environment

1. The departmental scope of the Town Council member for education, youth, sport and the environment covers the following areas:

a) Education,

b) Youth, Sport and lemure,

c) cooperation with Techmania Science Center,

d) the environment, excluding waste management,

e) coordination of cooperation between the city and non-profit organizations in particular areas.

2. Oversees the activities of  institutions, city-owned organizations and partly city-owned organizations. They are:

a) Department of Education, Youth and Sports and the Department of the Environment of the City of Pilsen,

b) The Observatory and Planetarium Pilsen,

c) The Zoological and Botanical Gardens, the city of Pilsen,

d) primary schools and school canteens run by the city of Pilsen,

e) Youth Sports Foundation,

f) The Foundation for the Support of Educational Programs and Extracurricular Activities for Children and Youth,

g) The Green Treasure Foundation.

3. Oversees the activities of these committees of theTown Council and coordinates it with the activities of other city agencies:

a) for training and education,

b) for sport and youth,

c) the environment.