Councilman Jiří Kuthan

Date of birth: 6/3/1949

Family: wife Raisa, 5 children, 4 adults, from  current marriage son Philip (13 years)

Education: School of Education in Karlovy Vary

Occupation: member of the Town Council on Social Affairs and Health

Political party membership: CSSD

Work for the city:
- Member of Pilsen 3 District Council (12 years)
- Work in committees (gradually) - social, cultural, Drug, integration of foreigners, construction and committees - control and Culture

Councilman Jiří Kuthan

The division of responsibilities for the activities of the City of Pilsen into specific duties:

Member of the Town Council on Social Affairs and Health

1. Departmental scope member Town Council on Social Affairs and Health covers the following areas:

a) social care,

b) community planning,

c) health,

d) the integration of foreigners and integration of ethnic minorities,

e) coordination of cooperation between the city and non-profit organizations in the area.

2. Oversee the activities of city institutions, organizations and partly city-owned companies. They are:

a) Department of Social Services and the State Department of Social Welfare City of Pilsen,

b) Institute of Infants and Children's Home

c) The Municipal Social Services City of Pilsen,

d) The management of cemeteries and crematoria of Pilsen,

e) The Foundation for Social Activities of Citizens of Pilsen.

3. Oversee the activities of these committees  of the City Council and coordinates them with the activities of other city agencies:

a) for Social Affairs,

b) for health care,

c) for the integration of ethnic minorities and foreigners.