Councilman Robert Houdek

Date of birth: 2/10/1971

Family: wife  Petra, son Robert (b. 1996), son Dominik (born 2001)

Education: University - Faculty of Arts University of West Bohemia, Department of Political Science and International Relations

Occupation: member of the Town Council in the area of safety

Political party membership: ODS (since 2001)

Work for the city:
- Board member, Pilsner Services
- Board member,  Pilsen Heating
- Board member, Residential zone Sylvan

Councilman Robert Houdek

The division of responsibilities for the activities of the City of Pilsen into a specific duties:

Member of the Town Council in the area of safety

1. Departmental scope of theTown Council member for security matters includes the following:

a) public order in the city,

b) the safety of citizens and the protection of property,

c) the prevention of crime and drug preventiv,

d) protection against natural disasters and other emergencies,

e) cooperation with the Fire Brigade of the Pilsen Region,

f) cooperation with the Municipal Chief of Police,

g) coordination of cooperation with units of  volunteer firefighters in established urban districts,

h) Coordination and cooperation of security-related NGOs .

2. Town Council member Robert Houdek Bc in accordance with § 3, paragraph 1 of Act No. 553/1991 Coll. Municipal Police, Acting Director of the Metropolitan Police in Pilsen.

3. Oversees the activities of  institutions, organizations and partly city-owned companies. They are:

a) Department of Safety and Crime Prevention of the City of Pilsen,

b) Pilsen City Police,

c) Centre for drug prevention and treatment, ops.

4. Supervise the activities of these committees of the Town Council and other departments and coordinate them with the activities of other city agencies:

a) for safety,

b) Drugs and crime preventiv.