Deputy Mayor Eva Herinková

Date of birth: 2/18/1965

Family: Divorced, daughter Eva

Education: University, Prague Metropolitan University (2011)

Occupation: Deputy Mayor for Culture and Tourism

Party membership: CSSD

Work for the city:
- Member of the Pilsen 1 District Council (2006 - 2010)
- Member of the Housing Commission RMP (2006 - 2010)

Deputy Mayor Eva Herinková

The division of responsibilities for the activities of the City of Pilsen into specific duties:

Deputy Mayor for Culture and Tourism

1.The departmental scope of the Deputy Mayor for Culture and Tourism includes the following areas:

a) culture,

b) the promotion and support of tourist attractions of the city,

c) city orientation system,

d) conservation,

e) coordination of cooperation between the city and non-profit organizations in the area.

2. Oversees the activities of these city agencies and organizations and companies partly owned by the city:

a) Department of Culture, Department of Conservation and the Department of Presentation and Marketing of the City of Pilsen,

b) JK Tyl Theatre, Inc.,

c) Theatre ALFA,

d) Pilsen Library,

e) ESPRIT - Pilsen cultural service,


g) The Pilsen Philharmonic,

h) Gallery of Pilsen,


j) Theatre Under the Lamp,

k) Pilsen 2015,

l) The Foundation for the Cultural Activities of Citizens of Pilsen.

3. Supervise the activities of these committees of the Town Council and coordinate it with the activities of other city agencies:

a) culture

b) presentation of the city and tourism.