Deputy Mayor Martin Zrzavecký

Date of birth: 8/3/1973

Family: Married, two children

Education: Secondary vocational - SOU No. 4 Plzeň focused on machines and equipment

Political party membership: CSSD

Deputy Mayor Martin Zrzavecký

The division of responsibilities for the activities of the City of Pilsen into specific duties:

Deputy Mayor for  Economics

1. The departmental scope of the Deputy Mayor for Economics includes the following areas:

a) budget,

b) accounting,

c) support for business environment and economic development.

2. Oversees the activities of city institutions, organizations and partly city-owned companies. They are:

a) Department of finance and budget department and the accounting and tax the City of Pilsen,

b) BIC Pilsen,

c) The Pilsen Science and Technology Park,

d) legal entities  city owned or partly city owned, not included in the scope of another  deputy mayor,

e) legal entities in the liquidation process.

3. Supervises the activities of the following committees of the Town Council and coordinates them with the activities of other city agencies:

a) financial.