Deputy Mayor Miloslav Šimák

Date of birth: 5/30/ 1950

Family: Married, wife Jaroslava

Education: University - CTU in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Construction and Transportation

Study - 1974, Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Civil Engineering - Road and urban transport engineering (postgraduate study) - 1978, Charles University Prague, Faculty of Law - Public
Administration (specialization study) – 1993

Occupation: Deputy Mayor for Transport and asset management center

Political party membership: CSSD (since 1989), currently Vice City Executive Committee

Work for the city:
- Office of the City of Pilsen - Head of Technical Management Office (1991 - 1992)
- The City of Pilsen - Director of Technical Office (1992 - 2000)
- Administration of public property for the City of Pilsen – Head of transport concept and coordination of projects (2007 - 2008)
- Chairman of the Audit Committee of the City Council of Plzen (2008 - 2010)

Deputy Mayor Miloslav Šimák

The division of responsibilities for the activities of the City of Pilsen into specific duties:

The deputy mayor for transportation and asset management center

1. The departmental scope for the Deputy Mayor for Transportation and The Asset Management Center includes the following areas:

a) transport,

b) integrated transport system,

c) construction project management for the Pilsen highway bypass and connecting city, state and regional road network,

d) housing,

e) management of property according to appendices for the establishing deeds for the organization The Administration of Public Property of the City of Plzen,

f) implementation of flood control measures.

2. Oversees the activities of city institutions, organizations and partly city-owned companies They are:

a) City of Pilsen unions affiliated to the Technical Office MMP - especially the Department of Transport and Department of housing,

b) Management of public property for the Cityof Pilsen,

c) Management of Information Technology City of Pilsen,

d) Pilsen Waterworks,

e) the Pilsen City Transport Company,

f) Parking Plzen,

g) Leeds,

h) Residential zone Sylvan.

3. Supervise the activities of these committees Town Council and coordinates it with the activities of other bodies of the city:

a) for transport,

b) housing.