Mayor Martin Baxa

Date of birth: 9/16/1975

Family: Single, no children

Education: University - Masaryk University in Brno, Interfaculty field - teaching history and geography for secondary schools

Political Party membership: ODS

Work for the city:
- Cultural Commission of the Town Council (2000 - 2010, 2003 - 2006: Chairman)
- Pilsen City Council - Member (2002 - 2006)
- Endowment Fund for Cultural Activities of the citizens of Pilsen (2004 - 2010: Member of the Board, 2010 - present: Chairman of the Board)
- Pilsen 3 District Council-Member (2006 - 2010)
- Regional Technical Museum NGO (Now Techmania Science Center NGO - Member of the Supervisory Board (2005-2010)
- Pilsen Philharmonic, organization for the public benefit (2005 - 2008: Member of the Board, 2008 - present: Member of the Supervisory Board)

Mayor Martin Baxa

Division of responsibilities for  activities of the City of Pilsen into separate duties:

The Mayor ensures compliance with all laws and regulations of the tasks entrusted to the mayors of cities or other municipalities, excluding those entrusted by The Pilsen City Council to the Deputy Mayor or other members of the Town Council.

1. The scope of responsibilty of the Mayor includes, namely, the following areas:

a) cooperation between the City of Pilsen and municipalities on whose territory the city of Pilsen performs delegated activities, municipalities with an authorized municipal office and municipalities with extended duties

b) cooperation with the communities of Pilsen in regional economic administrative units

c) cooperation with the City of Pilsen,the Pilsen Region and the State

d) cooperation of the City of Pilsen with partner cities

e) European affairs,

f) of the Statute of Pilsen and the integration of neighboring municipalities with the city of Pilsen,

g) coordination of cooperation between the city and non-profit organizations,

h) transformation of public administration.

2. The  Mayor oversees the activities of city agencies, organizations and other legal entities. These include, namely:

a) departments of the City of Pilsen consolidated in the office of administrative duties of the MMP, which are not within the scope of responsibility of the deputy mayor or other members of the RMP

b) European Projects Coordination Institute of Pilsen,

c)  700 years of Pilsen Foundation

d) Foundation Rudolf Löwy Foundation for restoring Pilsen synagogues,

e) The Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region, dso

f) American Center Pilsen, dso

g) bonds and municipal associations of which the City of Pilsen is a member.

3. The Mayor oversees the work, especially of Town Council committees and special city agencies and coordinates it with the activities of other agencies:

a) RMP Legal Commission

b) Commission on the Status RMP and integration of municipalities

c) the commission RMP for partner cities of European Affairs

d)emergency  task force

e) Security Council

f) Flood Commission