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Barrier-free Pilsen

This category is intended above all for those with limited mobility and orientation, but also for the organizations and entities in Pilsen that provide services to them. The subheadings that are included provide an effective, simple, clear and systematic way of organizing the information.

  1. Health Care (barrier-free hospitals, medical centers, emergency services, pharmacies, health insurance offices and other health care facilities)
  2. Universities
  3. Libraries (The Education and Research Library of the Pilsener Region, The Pilsen City Library and its branches, specialized libraries)
  4. Advice, Information, Help (information centers, consultations for individuals with disabilities, social services providers)
  5. Transport and Mobility (operators of barrier-free public transport, barrier-free filling stations, parking for wheelchair users in the center of the city, barrier-free path networks for pedestrians
  6. Culture (barrier-free museums, churches, religious buildings, galleries, theaters, social halls, cinemas, natural and relaxation areas)
  7. Sport (stadiums, sports halls, sports complexes, barrier-free public sports venues and barrier-free tourist routes and paths
  8. Finance (barrier-free bank branches and insurance offices)
  9. Shops and Services (shopping centers, superstores and supermarkets, specialized outlets with barrier-free access, barrier-free service providers)
  10. Restaurants, Cafes, Bars (barrier-free restaurants, sweetshops, cafes, tea houses, bars and clubs)

The contents were compiled with the cooperation Dr. Miroslav Valina, Ph.D., Council Chairman of Pilseners with Disabilities and author of the publication Where Without Barriers - Pilsen and  Where and How in Pilsen on Crutches and in a Wheelchair. At least once a year the category Pilsen without barriers is updated, naturally with the support of the general public. If you have information on any additional, unlisted barrier-free places, please send them to: bezbarier@plzen.eu