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Pilsen organizations and EU

The following selected organizations based in Pilsen deal with issues concerning the EU and the possible use of subsidies from EU funds.

Eurocentrum Pilsen

The Eurocentrum Pilsen opened on October 23, 2006 and provides the public free services pertaining to information about the European Union. Students, teachers, people seeking work in EU countries, or those who are considering the use of any European programs or funds can all find valuable information here.

In the Eurocentrum it is possible to get free information materials and to check out professional publicatons or receive on-the-spot information about any issues pertaining to the European Union. The center also organizes seminars, conferences, lectures on current European affairs, as well as free lectures for primary and high school students in the region.

Nerudova 25
301 00 Pilsen
phone: +420 377 946 007

Regional Development Agency of the Pilsen Region

Provides consultancy and information services in the field of regional development, primarily to cities, municipalities, and regions, as well as to business entities. It offers assistance in determining locations for new business investments, consultancy in the use of development programs and  arrangements for local business support. It can provide an overview of available public funding sources for cities, municipalities and regions in the Czech Republic and the EU.

Analytical and conceptual work addresses a number of thematic areas of regional development and relies primarily on comprehensive information about the Pilsen region. Planning services and the management of projects , which are often financially supported by EU funds, focus on the priority areas of regional development, which are the development of a regional education system, transportation infrastructure, environmental protection, public facilities, public municipal and community facilities, and investment to boost employment.

Riegrova 1
301 11 Pilsen
phone: +420 377 237 679
e-mail: info@rra-pk.cz

European Projects Coordination Unit

The European Projects Coordination Insitute (ÚKEP) was established in 2005 as a donor-supported organization of the City of Pilsen. The main objective is to coordinate the activities of grant projects. It focuses mainly on project planning, processing grant applications, management and the implementation of projects and the subsequent administrative organization of those projects .

The ÚKEP provides information on obtaining subsidies and grants which aim is primarily  resources from the European Union. It provides services to all individuals and businesses in the city of Pilsen and to other interested parties with whom they work on specific projects. It focuses on larger projects realized with contributions from the European Union, those from the Structural Fund as well  from the Solidarity Fund. At the same time, it provides optimization of managing and financing structures. In the framework of the optimization of one’s own resources, the applicant obtains funds from national, as well as local sources. When addressing specific  projects, this is done with the cooperation of experts in the city of Pilsen, and, when necessary with certain projects, with external specialists as well. 

Divadelní 3
301 21 Pilsen
phone: +420 377 237 679

BIC Pilsen - Business and Innovation center

The Business and Innovation center was founded in Pilsen in 1992 as a company to support the development of innovative business in  the region. It operates as a part of international networks to promote entrepeneurship and innovation and collaborates with many other partners at the regional , national and international level.

The services of BIC Pilsen are aimed primarily at small and medium-sized enterprises(firms with up to 250 employees), and include support for the creation of new technology-oriented companies, assistance in the development of existing ones, help in finding and obtaining financial resources for development projects, integrating companies into national and European programs, support for the implementation of innovation in companies and finding suitable partners for development, production and commercial cooperation, offers of space for innovative business, including a system of related services, as well as information and advisory services for doing business in the EU.

BIC Pisen is a member of the European Network for the Support of Business and Innovation.

Riegrova 1
306 25 Pilsen
phone: +420 377 237 679
e-mail: bic@bic.cz

Europe Direct Pilsen

The Europe Direct Information Center Pilsen is located in the lobby of the interactive science center  Techmania. The role of the center, which launched its activities in the year 2009, is to spread awareness and information about the European Union and to actively promote discussion about its activities at a local and regional level. The center’s main services include answering questions concerning general information about the EU and providing printed materials about the EU. Additionally, it focuses on the organization of lectures, discussions, seminars, and other events with current EU themes. It offers free internet access to sources of information on the EU. It also organizes educational programs pertaining to EU topics for schools and other institutions.    

Europe Direct Plzeň
Techmania Science Center o.p.s.
Tylova 1/57
316 00 Pilsen

phone: +420 737 247 584
e-mail: europe.direct@techmania.cz

Further general information about the EU and the Czech Republic,including links to the websites of EU institutions can be found at www.euroskop.cz