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Specialized libraries with barrier-free access

West Bohemia Museum Library

address: Kopeckého sady 2, map
telephone: 378 370 118
e-mail: Library@zcm.cz
web: www.zcm.cz/?page=Library
building entrance: platform lift, elevator
interior: barrier-free
wheelchair accessible toilets: yes (ground floor of the building)

University of West Bohemia Library

address: Univerzitní 18 (university campus in Bory), map
telephone: 377 637 755
e-mail: pujcbor@uk.zcu.cz
web: www.knihovna.zcu.cz
building entrance: no barriers (elevator)
interior: barrier-free
wheelchair accessible toilets: yes

Art and Science Library

address: Pražská 13, map
telephone:377 908 511
e-mail: info@zpc-galerie.cz
web: www.zpc-galerie.cz
building entrance: 10cm step (ramp may be requested at the reception desk)
interior: in some places difficult maneuvering with electric cart
wheelchair accessible toilets: no (only access –steep ramp)

Dominican Monastery Library

address: Jiráskovo náměstí 30, map 
telephone: 377 241 660
e-mail: Library.plzen@op.cz
web: www.plzen.op.cz
building entrance: no barriers (with prior arrangements– entrance is possible through the church Panny Marie Růžencové)
interior: barrier-free
wheelchair accessible toilets: no