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Barrier-free trails at Bolevecké ponds

In April 2011 Pilsen became the third place in the Czech Republic, after Brno and Lutová u Třeboň, that was marked by the Club of Czech Tourists and provided with information boards along routes that are suitable not only for pedestrians and cyclists, but also for people in wheelchairs. There are two such routes, the first-the Olympic Circuit 4km long and marked in blue (which indicates less demanding routes), leads around the Velký Bolevecký Pond .The most suitable starting and finishing point is the parking lot at the adjacent Autocamp Ostende, which offers the necessary facilities  (a barrier-free restaurant and WC – eurokey !!).Another option is the parking lot and barrier-free bus stop(municipal public transport)on the southeastern side of the pond. The second route, around the pond , 5-km long and marked in red(more difficult), leads from the final stop of tram no.1, that is, from the parking lot by the train station(stop) Plzeň-Bolevec, where it crosses the railway tracks with no barriers and leads to the Sofronka arboretum and  continues along a route also marked in the standard tourist route yellow, past the ponds Vydymáček, Senocký ,and Košinář pod Bílou Horu, where it joins up with the Olympic Circuit.