City Symbols

Coat of arms of Pilsen

Coat of arms of PilsenThe coat of arms of Pilsen is a valuable part of the city’s heritage, a constant reminder of the city’s identity and history. It is used to represent the city. The citizens of the city have the right to use it, unless the use is for their commercial purpose or promotion of their business.

The approval of the application to use the Coat of arms of Pilsen for other people,for promotional purposes or to promote business needs to be granted by the City Council  of Pilsen.  This application, together with a full description of the project and plan for the use of the Coat of arms of Pilsen, needs to be placed by the applicant through the Archives of the City of Pilsen. Due to the procedural requirements, it is necessary to submit the application to the Archives of the City of Pilsen no later than one month before the town meeting of the Town Council.

Little Coat of arms of PilsenThese applications are submitted for consideration to the City Commissioners of Pilsen along with the projects which try to win a grant or subsidy from the city of Pilsen and which request the use of the Coat of arms of Pilsen. The draft resolution is presented by the relevant Commission Board. The applicant must indicate the request to use the Coat of arms of Pilsen in the application for a subsidy or a grant. If the use of the Coat of arms of Pilsen is granted, then the applicant must consult the use of it with the Archive of the City or the Department of presentation and marketing, where the applicant gets all the necessary documents.

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Flag of the city of Pilsen

The Flag of the city of Pilsen (banner, battalion, etc.) is divided into four quarters.

There is white in the upper left quarter, green in the lower left quarter, yellow in the upper right quarter and red in the lower right quarter.

There is no need for approval by city authorities to use the flag, but the flag can be used only in a respectable way. The flag is primarily used for ceremonial decorations and markings of the buildings where the city authorities are located, including authorities of urban districts. If the flag of the city is used with other flags then it must be placed in the most honored place.

Colors of the city of Pilsen

The Pilsen colors, white, yellow, green and red are taken from the coat of Arms of Pilsen. In this order they are also used in the ribbons of the city.

The city seal of Pilsen

For big picture of the city seal of Pilsen click on the pictureThe city historic seal of Pilsen from 1307 has the following form: The interior diameter is 82 mm. There is an image of the middle part of coat of arms (without the shield). On both sides of the towers there are decorative olive branches. At the edge of the seal are the Gothic capital letters: + SIG / ILLV. CIWITATIS. D. NOWA. PILSEN REGI. B / OhIE, which is split above by the roofs of two towers.

The city seal of Pilsen is the mayor’s insignia. It is exclusively used in red wax only.

The city seal of Pilsen is the mayor insignia (typical symbol). The right to use belongs exclusively by the Mayor and is not transferable. The Mayor can give the representation of the city seal of Pilsen to the residents or other individuals who have contributed to the development of Pilsen, to the promotion of the city, protection of its rights and interests or to important foreign visitors to the city.

Mayor's chain

The Mayor's chain, which dates back to November 16th, 1912 is an honorary official chain for mayors of the royal city of Pilsen.  It is a gold pendant medallion in 14 sections, which are always connected with three rings. The center (hanging) part represents the historic city seal on the front side and the of blessing of Pilsen Hall on the reverse side. Two parts represent the historical coat of arms of the Czech Kingdom. The first one has an image of the King and Emperor Rudolf II, and the second one has an image of the King and Emperor Charles IV. The remaining parts are equipped with semi-precious stones in the colors of the city. The front side of the medallion pendant portrays the King and Emperor Franz Joseph I; on the sides there are Austrian and Czech coats of arm.  Above the medallion there is the Czech royal crown, and below the Golden Fleece is portrayed. The reverse side of the medallion displays the coat of arms of Pilsen without a shield-bearer and without spectacular pieces, and the sides depict "The City Council of Pilsen to their Mayor in MDCCCCXII ".

The mayor is entitled and also required to wear the chain on ceremonial occasions and official performance of special importance.