Transport and Mobility

Getting around Barrier-free

Barrier-free paths

Getting around without barriers is possible in practically the entire historical center (náměstí Republiky, Dominikánská, Pražská, Františkánská and ulice Bedřicha Smetany, the city park ring, Americká třída, Karlovarská třída and Klatovská třída, U Prazdroje and others), in the area around the  Plzeň Plaza Mall (all the way to the Kilometrovka alley in one direction and to the quarter called Roudna in the other direction) and farther on into parts of the city that have been reconstructed or built since 1989 in Severní předměstí (housing estates Vinice a Sylván, built-up areas in Košutka and Bolevec), in Jižní předměstí (mainly in the shopping center and university area in Borská Pole) and in Východní předměstí (mainly around the quarter called Slovany). Practically all of the sidewalks here have curb cuts at crosswalks, making it much easier for those with physical impairments to get around.

Mixed bicycle routes

The barrier-free route system includes a unique network of cycle paths along Pilsen’s riverbanks and the connecting bike trails, which connect the east, south, west and north of the city to the center. Mainly for handbikers and people in wheelchairs and electric carts, the cycling routes in Pilsen are a place not only for walking and sports, but also, in fair weather, an interesting way to move from one part of town to the other - on paved, mostly asphalt surfaces –not only in a southeasterly direction, e.g., from the zoo to the Kilometrovka alley to the Plzeň Plaza complex, continuing on both sides of the River Mže to its confluence with the Radbuza, including two possible branches to the center (from the microbrewery Groll and parking house Rychtářka on Rooseveltova ulice, or from the part of Štruncovy sady called Mlýnská strouha), but also from north to south from Bolevec Pond to the center and around the West Bohemia Museum, then across Americká třída and along the banks of the Radbuza and Úhlava rivers to Hradiště in the Slovany district on the southern edge of the city. The routes are so-called mixed routes, also intended for pedestrians, wheelchair users, families with baby carriages (trails marked with pedestrians and cyclists). Exclusively cycling trails (marked with only a symbol of a cyclist) are not closed to pedestrians and wheelchair users, but in case of an accident, the pedestrian is held responsible (the same applies to for wheelchair users).