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Transport and Mobility

Barrier-free Public Transport Operators

Pilsen Municipal Transport Company

address: Denisovo nábřeží 12
telephone: 378 037 485
e-mail: pmdp@pmdp.cz
web: www.pmdp.cz

With a few exceptions (trolleybus nos. 17 and 18, bus nos. 23, 31, 34, 52, 53 and 54 there are no Pilsen lines without at least one barrier-free public transport connection, while the number of wheelchair accessible bus stops in the city exceeds 90% and is approaching 100%. The lines of the Pilsen Municipal Transport Company (PMDP), however, cover not only the territory of Pilsen, but  communities in suburban areas as well. They also provide transportation on request (buses, minibuses), though for operational administrative reasons this service is available only inside the city limits.

Mezado Jan Pešek

address: Na Šachtě 140, Plzeň-Sulkov
telephone: 603 466 123 (dispatching – Oldřich Netrval)
e-mail: ptp@mezado.cz

The company provides individual transportation services on request for individuals and small groups of people with physical disabilities (up to 10-12 people, of which 1-5 may be transported in a secured wheelchair), i.e. "door to door" transportation in a special car, not only around Pilsen, but also from Pilsen to any destination and vice versa, from other destinations to Pilsen.

ČSAD Plzeň (Czech Bus Lines)

address: V Malé Doubravce 27
telephone: 377 262 911
e-mail: csadplzen@csadplzen.cz
web: www.csadplzen.cz

The company operates barrier-free tour buses equipped with a lifting platform, as well as wheelchair accessible bus lines in Přeštice, Klatovy, Domažlice, Tachov and Stříbro. Currently, neither long-distance nor regional lines guarantee any barrier-free service.

České dráhy (Czech Railways)

address: Purkyňova 22 (Regional transportation center for the Pilsen Region)
telephone: 972 524 015
e-mail: info@cd.cz, PLZsek@kcod.cd.cz
web: www.cd.cz

The transport of passengers with limited mobility can be arranged through the ČD Contact Centre (840 112 113). On-line it is possible to reserve a specially-equipped carriage with a lifting platform (Czech Railways reserves the right to evaluate and confirm the order, or in some cases, due to lack of capacity or for technical reasons, to refuse it). Passengers in wheelchairs should notify our staff of their travel plans 24 hours in advance, and in case of the previously mentioned special requests, at least 48 hours in advance. Of great importance, not only for physically impaired Pilseners, is the railway station Pilsen Main Station, which is wheelchair accessible, equipped with a platform lift that makes it easier for wheelchair users  to enter and exit the carriage, barrier-free restrooms and a railway information center.